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Online Freelance Writing Jobs: 3 Ways to Avoid Fraudulent Ones


Posted in Writing and Speaking | Posted on 25-03-2011

Following are three things you can do to avoid online writing scams so you can spend your time investing in legitimate write-from-home opportunities.

Never “Write for Free”: One of the most common online freelance writing jobs scam is the “writing sample” scam. The way this works is, a company will request that you write and original piece of content for them to “judge your writing ability.”

Don’t fall for it. Legitimate companies would never expect you to write for free, or write on spec as it’s called in the industry. If they want you to write an original sample for them, they fully expect to pay for it.

So if a company expects content for free, even if it is “just a sample to judge your writing ability,” say “No thanks” and move on.

Never Pay for Job Leads: Another common online freelance writing jobs scam is the paying for job leads scam. Usually, you’re asked to pay membership or subscription fee to join a site and be able to get job leads. This is a red flag, red flag, red flag! Read the rest of this entry »